Past Film Productions

  • The Science of Whales

    The Science of Whales

    This program shows that whales, like many other creatures sharing this planet with us, have a much more complex social life than we knew. Available for purchase on Amazon Available for purchase at Bullfrog Films Unforgettable footage and extraordinary animation explain the latest information we have about whale behavior. Since the U.S. Navy declassified top-secret…

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  • Alaska’s Arctic Widlife

    Alaska’s Arctic Widlife

    Journey to the last great wilderness of North America where polar bears roam and caribou herds congregate by the thousands. Here is where belugas, walruses, and bowhead whales migrate through the ice-laden arctic seas during summer. See hundreds of species of birds arrive to breed on the tundra and witness how the mighty muskox clash…

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  • Alaska’s Whales & Wildlife

    Alaska’s Whales & Wildlife

    Discover a world of glaciers, rainforests, mountains, and fjords. See black and grizzly bears, soaring eagles, salmon by the thousands, and those lovable sea otters. You’ll be so close you’ll hear the bears growl, see the nesting eagles feed their young, and watch as whales breach right in front of the camera lens. Travel on…

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  • Friendly Gray Whales

    Friendly Gray Whales

    The migration, reproduction, & social behavior of these freindly cetaceans is explored in this documentary produced in the 1980’s. Available in VHS on Amazon

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  • The Elephant Seals of Año Nuevo

    The Elephant Seals of Año Nuevo

    Witness the curious habits of the Northern Elephant Seals as they return every winter to breed on the same beaches at Ano Nuevo State Reserve. See spectacular fighting among adult males as they compete for the rank of the alpha bull. Hear the cries of newborn pups as they call for their mothers and learn…

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